Make Good Do Good
Recycle Fitout at No Extra Cost and Distribute monies received for Social Good. Call us and Make a Difference
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Make Good Do Good
Feel Great to see the end of a Lifecycle put to Good Use - Meeting a minimum of 60% Landfill diversion
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Make Good Do Good
Reuse – Repurpose Fitout from donor to 3rd parties at no extra cost.
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Make Good Do Good
Significantly Reduce Landfill waste and cost from Strip Out, Refits and Make Good
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Reduce landfill while supporting charities too.

Every 5 years, Australian capital cities generate enough office stripout waste to bury their entire CBD areas. Join us and together let’s make a difference.

Our Proven Framework Guarantees Meaningful Outcomes

For the Final Life-Cycle of your Fit Out

Diverted waste
Divert a minimum 60% waste from Landfill

Leave a World to our Children you can be Proud of.

Support charity
Give to Charity at No Cost to your Business

Help others whilst reducing waste

Reduced stripout costs
Reduce Stripout & Make Good Cost

Costing you less than traditional Strip Out


Corporate Social Responsibility

Easily achieve CSR targets and make a real difference,

Waste Management
Certified CSR + Waste Management

Validated credits and process certification

Triple Bottom Line
Triple Bottom Line Results

5 Star Sustainable Disposal just making sense.

Sustainable Strip Out Features

Get Triple Bottom Line ROI + 5 Star Sustainable Disposal
We do it all for you

Doing the Right Thing
for the Community

Significantly reducing landfill and donating to Charity

Committed to Excellence
Commitment to Excellence

Consistently delivering high quality work on time, to budget.

Construction Expertise
Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Continuously innovating to guarantee Triple Bottom Line

Sustainable ROI
Create Social Change
with Us

Partner with us to achieve our Mission to build a Better Future

Our Targets for 2020
Commercial Space (sqm)
Tonnes Diverted Landfill
Strip-Out Cost Saved

What Our Clients Say

"What you guys are doing has reinvigorated our belief in your industry while lifting the moral and culture of the whole office "

Case Studies

STA Travel Strip Out Mirvac

Mirvac - Tenancy Make Good

Furniture and office asset sales generated over $6,500 for Don Bosco Youth Centre. This went towards upgrading play equipment.

350 Queen St

350 Queen St - Refurbishment

Don Bosco Youth Centre was able to upgrade their facilities thanks to the $11,000 generated from this refurbishment project.

Nintex Office Strip out

Nintex - Office Fit Out and Live Churn

$4,000 was generated for the Nintex Bush-Fire Appeal 2020 via various campaigns including office equipment repurposing.

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Stripout Q&A

Some of our most commonly asked questions.

Commonly, an office occupier with the most common type of office fit out should estimate between $150 – $200 per sqm (occupying over 500sqm). This rate is dependent on the terms of your fitout make good obligations and the cost of landfill disposal  at the time.

Landfill costs are a topical issue at the moment with dramatic recent increases expected. Please reach out to us to have your Strip Out project expertly assessed. 

Start talking to us minimum 12 weeks prior to any deadline – if you are set to integrate an Environmental and Socially Responsible plan to Make Good and Strip Out.

Our process does take an extra allotment of time  in order to create and execute an Waste Diversion and Re-purposing Plan. A typical project onsite could take 4-6 weeks. Administrative exercises could also take up 6 weeks.

Make sure you contact us as early as possible to get better and better results. The more time the better.

We provide validated ISO Certified disposal results.

We can arrange for you and your team to meet or even join in for a day with the Charity of your choice to see where the funds go and contribute further. Typically we receive a personalized thank you and appreciation letter from the Charity of your choice.

Looking for a sustainable stripout partner?

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Reduce waste and increase recycling. Talk to us for a resource recovery plan tailored to your project and goals.

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